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    • I believe that key lessons learnt from the world of sport and adventure can be transferred to the business place
    • Issues about leading teams to maximise their full potential come across powerfully from world beaters who have achieved the absolute pinnacle of their chosen careers

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Theory about leadership and teams has its place, and countless articles and books have been written about the subject. I realise the importance of bringing examples of practical experience to my talks. I enjoy being interactive with audiences and also relish discussion groups and Q&A. I have found that a practical and participative experience has longer and far reaching benefits to individuals and teams.

A number of key points form the core of my talks and these are listed below:

  • to identify the characteristics of an effective leader, develop personal leadership qualities and to implement these disciplines.
  • to demonstrate how teams are led and motivated towards success by creating the right environment for those teams to reach full potential.
  • to illustrate the different methods that leaders and teams can use to enhance individual and team performance with team action planning and personal development plans.
  • to participate in a learning experience away from the work place that is unique, fun and with lasting benefits to all that take part.
  • the team being aware of the 'phases of success' within the market place is fundamental to gauging their future performance, level of risk and happiness within their roles.